Health & Safety Policy

It is the Company’s Policy to provide healthy and safe working conditions, promote and enhance safety as a work culture, prevent loss or human injury and avoid any adverse impact on the environment (marine or otherwise) including property.

The Company’s Safety Management System has been structured to ensure compliance and conformity with the ISM Code and other applicable national and international regulations, relevant ISO standards and guidelines.

The main objectives of our Health Policy are as follows
• To prevent loss of human life and personal injury
• To assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment, to establish safeguards against identified risks and to operate the ship within ALARP
• To continuously improve Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to safety of human life.
• To ensure that seafarers’ work environment ashore and on board ships promotes occupational safety and health

In order to achieve these objectives the Company’s management has established/arranged the following:
_ Appointed the Health Safety and Environmental Manager with the responsibility to maintain an overview of Health, Safety, and Environment matters.
_ Consistently follows all national and international rules and regulations governing the Marine Industry.
_ Adopts a risk-based approach to all operations
_ Continuously monitors all safety, pollution prevention and occupational health aspects of all operations
_ Personal commitment from top, engagement of all departmental managers in maintaining and developing safety attitudes, leadership and sound management practices

Development of an “informed, reporting and just” culture, ensuring fair treatment for all employees. It is a culture of accountability in which individuals will be held responsible for their actions within the context of the system in which they occurred.
It requires disclosure of mistakes, errors, near misses, events in order to facilitate learning from such occurrences and identifying improvement opportunities for process and system. • Maintains a blame-free and “just” environment for personnel to work in.
• Makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy workplace and considers working safely a condition of employment.
• Provides necessary resources to implement the occupational health and safety program.
• Recognises that no task is so important for an employee to put himself at risk of injury or
• illness in order to get it done.
• Protects the Health of seafarers and provides prompt access to Medical Care on board and ashore when needed.
• The Company’s Management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Health Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.
• All Managers, Department Heads and Superintendents shall Lead by Example, inspire personnel and commit in their safety/welfare.
Senior Officers and shore management set a good example to ship’s crew by wearing PPE and complying with safety practices and procedures while all Company’s employees, shore based and sea going, are responsible for implementing the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy. In this respect the policy should be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization.

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