Maintenance & Inspection Policy

The Company will maintain each ship under management to the highest quality standards as agreed with the Owners. In all cases, ships are required to comply with all relevant classification society rules, international conventions and regulations, and industry codes. Furthermore, all vessels shall comply with Company requirements that are intended to maintain the ship to high safety and operational standards in order to minimize breakdowns and off hire time, while maintaining full seaworthiness and cargo handling ability at all times.
The Company's general philosophy on vessel maintenance and operation includes the following aspects: All ships are to be maintained in compliance with all relevant national and international rules, class rules and industry standards (including IMO, flag state, TMSA, ISGOTT, ISM and Oil Majors);
Maintenance that could result in any environmental incident shall only be undertaken after all preventive measures have been taken to minimize the potential for environmental impact;
The cosmetic appearance of all ships, and proper housekeeping, must be maintained to a high standard.
For all ships, a systematic approach to ship maintenance and inspection shall be adopted through the use of annual work plans, scheduled maintenance activities, planned inspection routines and spare part logistics (the supply of spare parts is considered an essential element of this approach).
Repairs and maintenance will be performed wherever possible during operation, but never at the expense of safety; and Maintenance is to be carried out in the most cost-efficient manner possible.
Frequently and periodical inspections aboard vessels by shore-based personnel and Company Superintendents, at least 3 times annually, out of which 2 inspections shall be conducted by technical superintendents and 1 by marine superintendent. There should not be a gap of more than 6 months between two inspections. By establishing and following the above, the company endeavors to assure the safe and proper operation of the vessels whilst enhancing their reliability so that availability for trading is maximized. Furthermore, the Company has identified equipment & technical systems, which are considered critical for the Safety of the vessel and has taken specific measures in order to enhance their reliability.

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